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3D Scanning & Data Analysis

Data Point provides an integrated 3D Laser Scanning and digital modeling service to support building Developers,  Owners  and  Contractors  using  latest scanning hardware to harvest Point Cloud data from the project site or existing building to produce digital models for a variety of applications – refer to our vignette for 3D Laser Scanning vignette for more information.

3D Data Analysis

Export of the Point Cloud data harvested from the data capture phase to software programs such as AutoCAD, Navisworks, Autodesk 3ds Max and others using our in-house team of software engineers to produce digital models for use throughout the project cycle.

Data Point Method Methodology and Approach 3D Scanning

Data Point will discuss the digital model requirements with the Client before mobilizing and agree the intended use and application and quality definition of the final model. Data Point will provide a detailed method statement and execution plan noting key milestones and deliverables to ensure eflciencies and minimal disruption to operational facilities.

Mobilization of 3D scanning team to the project or job-site to commence data capture based on a cost euective and time eflcient work-flow of scanner set-up locations as agreed with the Client.

Provide regular reports on the progress during the scanning phase in order to track progress according to the agreed works program.

3D Model for Buildings

  • To enhance the design phase by providing accurate site and design dimensional data providing clearance visualization and measurements for clash detection to improve design coordination.
  • To improve the construction sequence planning phase by allowing planners to accurately visualize the works sequence and therefore to improve.
  • As-built models that convey the relative position of structural components with other trades and convey the location of structure penetrations and major structure interventions.
  • As-built models that convey horizontal and vertical service risers services distribution and the location of plant and equipment.
  • As-built model that provide Asset Registers for all fixed and loose furniture, fittings and equipment.