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BIM Modeling

What is BIM?

  • Is a methodology process of generating and managing design data;
  • Is a three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling solution to increase productivity in building design and construction;
  • Allows stakeholders to explore, exchange and  share  project’s key functional characteristics digitally before it is built.
  • Coordinated, consistent information is used to Design, Visualize, Simulate and Analyze, Document, Deliver.





Methodology & Approach

  • Data capture and dissemination using project collaboration software;
  • Project or appointment led by a dedicated Project Director who will develop and agree a commission execution plan identifying who, what, when and how prior to commencement ;
  • Project or appointment tracking in real-time of outputs and deliverables and early identification of deliverable delays and mitigation plans;
  • Quality Assurance check-list to ensure all outputs and deliverables are quality checked by the Project Director prior to release and regular 360 KPI performance evaluations of the team.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Visual representation of Master Plans and GIS planning to augment the design and approvals process;
  • Visual representation of building and infrastructure designs for coordination, clash detection and constructability;
  • Clear, dynamic and persuasive programs and digital model visualizations to augment project audits and construction claims management.