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Claims Preparation and Management

Data Point offers a professional Claims Preparation and Management Service throughout the course of a project. Our objective is to ensure the client recovers the full potential returns from a project through controlled and carefully managed claims procedures administered in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

Data Point‘s Claims Preparation and Management Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identification of heads of claim, preparation of detailed claim submissions, including all relevant supporting documentation and advise on appropriate strategy for timing of claim submissions, with due recognition of the notice provisions stipulated in the contract;


  • Preparation and/or analysis of claims for extension of time; including the contractual basis of claim, cross-referenced to relevant contract clauses, critical path and delay analyses and research into historical correspondence and/or narrative identifying the causes and effect of delay events;
  • Preparation and/or analysis of all quantum data in respect of claims for loss and expense recovery; including project specific overheads, head oflce overheads,  loss  of  profit,  prolongation  costs, disruption costs, acceleration costs, loss of interest and project financing charges;
  • Participation in informal mediations with a view to settling claims amicably, without the need for costly and time consuming formal proceedings;
  • If arbitration, litigation or other legal proceedings become unavoidable, Data Point are able to provide assistance to Clients and (wherever necessary) to their legal team, by preparing program (delay) analyses, quantum cost calculations and the technical and contractual supporting narrative to support the claims for additional time and or money. Data Point can also provides expert witness services for international arbitration cases.