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Consultancy Services

  • Cost Management and Control

    Data Point approach to cost management is the optimization of value for our clients through the procurement, design and implementation phases. The effective management of costs is contigent on efficiently harvesting and applying reliable contemporary cost data for accurate cost forcasting at commencement and the implementation of regular cost-checks and hold-points at strategic milestones during…
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  • Project Management

    Data Point take a pro-active approach to project management. Our objective is to ensure that a detailed brief is clearly defined at the inception phase of a project and critical targets of time, quality and costs are clearly identified. Data Point will provide strategic project management services to implement, monitor and manage the diverse resources…
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  • Planning and Programing

    Data Point recognises that robust and accurate Planning and Programing is often the key to the commercial success of a project. Data Point's Planning and Programing Service includes, but is not limited to: Preparation of initial overall project plan to include critical key dates and milestones for initial design preparation, periodic design submissions and final…
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  • Quantity Surveying and Tendering Assistance

    Data Point appreciates that the preparation of tender documents are resource consuming, labour intensive involving multiple parties and yet vitally important to the commercial success of any project. Hence Data Point provides a tender out-source service to Employers and Contractors aimed at reducing Clients costs and leveraging our teams vast experience in preparing complete, coordinated…
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  • Claims Preparation and Management

    Data Point offers a professional Claims Preparation and Management Service throughout the course of a project. Our objective is to ensure the client recovers the full potential returns from a project through controlled and carefully managed claims procedures administered in accordance with the provisions of the contract. Data Point's Claims Preparation and Management Service includes,…
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  • Contract Advice and Administration Services

    Data Point offer professional Contract Advice and Administration Services at all stages of the construction process from inception and feasibility to completion and hand-over. Our primary objective is to ensure that our client's contractual interests are suitably protected, with a view to maximizing the commercial returns of the project. Data Point's Contract Advice and Administration…
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