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Contract Advice and Administration Services

Data Point offer professional Contract Advice and Administration Services at all stages of the construction process from inception and feasibility to completion and hand-over. Our primary objective is to ensure that our client’s contractual interests are suitably protected, with a view to maximizing the commercial returns of the project.

Data Point‘s Contract Advice and Administration Service includes, but is not limited to:

Contract Advice

  • Provision of advise with regard to the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties during both pre and cost contract stages of a project. This facilitates accurate pricing at tender stage and ensures full and proper entitlement under the terms of contract;
  • Preparation and/or analysis of claims for extension of time; including the contractual basis of claim, cross-referenced to relevant contract clauses, critical path and delay analyses and research into historical correspondence and/or narrative on the causes of delay;


  • Tender document overview and risk assessment highlighting potentially ambiguous and onerous clauses to ensure the correct pricing of tenders;
  • Provision of advice on the alternative remedies and courses of action available on specific issues with due regard to the terms of contract;
  • Provision of advice and/or opinions on extensions of time, contractual notices, delay and loss and expense claims, interpretations of contract terms and conditions and entitlement to additional income by means of variations to the contract.
  • Provision of advice on the timing of the issuance of notices in respect of delays and disruptions, late issue of information and the reimbursement of associated costs and consequential losses.

Contract Administration

  • Detailed project administration reviews to ensure the correct management of the contract, with particular emphasis placed on the observance of contract terms and conditions, variation procedures, record keeping, delays and disruptions and loss and expense;
  • Assistance in the preparation of all contractual correspondence and supporting data including variation claim submissions, extension of time submissions, set-off costs, contra charges and counter claims.