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Planning and Programing

Data Point recognises that robust and accurate Planning and Programing is often the key to the commercial success of a project.

Data Point‘s Planning and Programing Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Preparation of initial overall project plan to include critical key dates and milestones for initial design preparation, periodic design submissions and final design approvals;
  • Incorporation into the project plan of all contract requirements in terms of requisite notices, appointments, sign-off dates, power on and handover dates and all key dates for clear identification, early warning and advance planning;


  • Preparation of pre-contract consultant work schedules identifying tasks to be carried out by each party including approvals, preparation and submission of design and tender documentation and updated cost estimates. Preparation of the detailed master construction program to be used as the target or baseline program, against which all project activities are measured and the critical path is determined;
  • Identify with the client and consultant team any long-lead items and incorporate into the master construction program and identify any measures required to fast-track procurement and delivery to the project site;
  • Comparison  of  planned  and  actual  progresss, advise on potential delays and how best to avert such delays including the identification of preventative corrective measures and their likely cost;
  • Provision of regular updates of to take account of contemporaneous events using cause and effect analysis and re-planning of activities as required to maintain the program;
  • Preparation of progress and potential delay risk reports for management assessment to facilitate timely remedial action including time to completion studies, short and long term work schedules delay analyses and recovery (acceleration measures) using different delay analysis methods and program software tools.